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About Us

About Us

Zhejiang Naxin pipe co。,LTD is a science and technology enterprises。Company main products are HDPE winding structure wall tube(type B),HDOE steel strip coil tube。

Through continuous research and development,improve the performance of products,the company has become the domestic production capactiy of the strongest of large diameter high density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic drainage pipe manufacturers,is also one of the biggest plastic drainage pipe manufacturer in china。Zhejiang tube,xin industry co。, LTD regards quality as enterprise life,pay attention to technical services in accordance with ISO90001,ISO14001,OHSAS18001 standard esablished a complete set of ISO management system,to ensure that the process of tigorous and strict quality testing,as well as the standardization of the enterprise management。Company was rated as high-tech enterprises,the industry technology center of hangzhou,zhejiang province,products were identified for china construcion standardization association recommended products。

Company in hangzhou,China,covers an area of 168 mu,with standard factory building,office building,dormitory and staff style facilities;Imported the most advanced'carat KARH technology,this production line is still one of the largest diameter of the plastic underground drainoipe,the device adopts the large screen LCD human-machine interface system,the CAN data bus technology CA N tealize production process monitoring and management,from 12 - DN4000 mold specifications,products of SN4 - SN32 ring stiffness。Annual production of HDPE winding reinforced pipe up to 180000 tons。

High quality pipes,perfect technical services enabled us to occuoy the high-end user market in China,products are mainly applied to petrochemical industry,port terminals,power plants,nuclear power,thermal power),municipal road drainage and sewerage and emissions。The use of products covers north China,east China,south China coastal port construction。Extensive use in the urban sewage and rainwater。



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